Nail Polish Crazy

Sunday, 29 December 2013

Over the past few months, something about me has changed - I learnt how to paint my nails! It probably doesn't sound like much of a revelation to most, but I have never painted my nails throughout my life because I just didn't know how to, and I never had the patience. But all of that is over - and now I'm getting a bit addicted

I owned a few nail polishes anyway, here and there, because I wanted to have some at the ready if I had the chance to ask somebody to paint my nails for me. When I discovered the patience to spend the time doing my nails back in October, I treated myself to three Barry M nail polishes, but didn't expand on it there.

…I bought 4 yesterday and 3 today. Oops. BUT, to justify, if you spent over £6 you got a free nail polish - so I technically only bought 3 yesterday and 2 today, as 2 out of my new 7 were free!

Today, I bought a lovely purple colour, a silver glitter (free), and a topcoat. Yesterday, I bought an orange, a blue, a salmony colour, and a sort of sprinkle/glittery/multicoloured (as in the picture).

My mum also bought me a glittery pink No. 7 nail polish for Christmas, which I look forward to using! I'm finally becoming a girl...

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