Flat Christmas Dinner

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

…let me begin by saying that I am so full and tired that I may just go to bed at 10pm, rather than my usual 1am.

Tonight, Flat 18 held their Christmas dinner, and it was beautiful. Meg, Will, and Patch were the chefs, with the odd person helping here and there. I chopped potatoes and carrots, and Henry carved the turkey. Whilst they were cooking, I set the table and put name-plates out, accompanying them with the present that that person had received from their Secret Santa.

Once the food was cooked, we all took our place at the table, and pulled crackers - and then we ate! The food was amazing, everyone was so shocked that everything had gone according to plan! We have enough turkey left to last us for another few days as well…

After everyone had finished, Patch kindly cleared the table and our presents were handed out. Simply from the knowledge of who a few people had, I'd managed to figure out that Rich was my secret santa, but some people still didn't know who theirs was! I bought Lizzy a pony pillow-pet (she's massively into horses and racing), and she gave me the biggest hug when she found out it was from me! Everyone seemed so happy with their presents. I don't remember the last time all 8 of us were in the same room together for longer than ten minutes. Tonight was so lovely, if anything, for that reason.

After dinner… after dinner was something I've never seen before. All 8 of us developed a system in order to clean the entire kitchen. The sinks were already full of general day-to-day dirty pots and pans, and so Lizzy and I took it on ourselves to clean everything dirty in the kitchen, on top of everything that was used to make the food tonight. Meg, Rich, and Will were dryers, Henry and Patch cleaned the table-half of the kitchen and swept the floor, whilst Louisa arranged all the clean pots and pans so that everybody could easily find their things. I've never seen the kitchen so clean - it wasn't even this clean when I moved in, as 5 people had been living here for a few days before I arrived.

Tonight was such a good send off for Christmas. Henry leaves tomorrow, Will and Meg leave on Thursday, Louisa and Lizzy leave on Friday, which leaves Rich, Patch, and myself to leave on Saturday. It'll be a weird few days with not everybody around… but only three sleeps until I get to see my mum and dad, and only four more sleeps until I get to see my brother and my dog! I can't think of anything I'm looking forward to more.

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