Christmas 2013 (Extra Long Post!)

Sunday, 29 December 2013

I've been fairly busy since being at home, hence the lack of posts for the past few weeks. Let me fill you in…

I arrived back home on Saturday 14th, and spent the day chilled out, and then I decorated our Christmas tree - my favourite part of Christmas. I'm quite a perfectionist, so a job that should have taken me 20 minutes, 30 tops, took me an hour and a half… but the tree looks beautiful, so it was time well spent! Later that evening I went and met Lucy for some dinner. She's from Oxford, and goes to the University of Nottingham, and she was going home on the Sunday, so it was lovely to catch her just before she went! I ended up working the next day, so I was with her at work for 3 hours as well, but it was lovely to spend some time with her, just the two of us.

On the Sunday, I went back to work, and after a few worries here and there about how it would be to be back, it turned out to be a really enjoyable day - it was as if I'd never left. It was quite strange being in Joe's presence again, but it's nice that we can put everything behind us and just get on as friends despite all that's happened between us.

Over the next two days I didn't have any shifts at work, and so caught up with a few friends. I went to Nandos on the Monday with Amelia, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Amelia is one of those friends of mine that I barely ever speak to, but when we get together every few months we can talk about absolutely anything and everything. On the Tuesday I had a good catch up with one of my best friends - Zoe. Since 2010, making this the 4th year now, we have a yearly game of monopoly (which always ends up being in December). I don't think we've ever got the whole way through the game though… and we ended up watching The Parent Trap instead!

I then had five consecutive days at work - after four months off, it took quite a toll on me, but it was actually surprisingly fun to get back into the swing of things. It certainly made me realise how much I miss having something that is completely mine to do, and has made me even more motivated to try and get a place at the Manchester Fat Face come January/February time. Even if they can't take me on, I really do need to get a job. Not even for the money side of it, simply because I need something else in my life other than education, because to be frank, university was starting to drive me a bit insane.

On the Friday evening I saw my best friend Lyndsey, when my dad, brother and I picked her up from her pub (much to her surprise), and took her back to ours where we had a typical Kassi-Lyndsey sleepover (talking until 3am and then realising the time and regretting it in the morning). The next day I saw my closest friends from Theatretrain, and went to Wagamamas! I'd never been there before but had recently discovered my love for sushi, so I went with big expectations, and I was not disappointed! I couldn't for the life of me tell you what I ordered, but it was beautiful and I'll definitely be going back again!

That evening, my Mum and I went to see the pantomime. It's a tradition for us two - we've been to two pantomimes every Christmas for as long as I can remember. One was last weekend, and the second one is next weekend. After seeing the first one, and being reminded once again how much I'd love to be a background dancer in a pantomime, I'm looking forward to next Saturday ever so much.

On Christmas Eve, my favourite friendship group were reunited at last - Zoe, Craig, Sally, and I. It's the second year running that we've met on the morning of Christmas Eve, before I've had to head off to work, to exchange presents, and I really do hope it's a tradition that'll stick for many years to come. I bought Sally a wooly hat with 'Watsky' written on it, who is the singer I've mentioned in previous blog posts (the one who jumped off a 40 foot lighting rig…). For Zoe, I'd bought the Madagascar trilogy, and a painting of a scene from Dirty Dancing. Unfortunately, as I found out on Christmas Day, I'd mistakenly given her my brother's present instead - I'd bought him the exact same thing, except his painting was of The Rolling Stones! For Craig, the other three of us chipped together and bought him the Saw box set, and then I gave him an extra present on top of that of an Adventure Time mug. I can never wait anymore to open presents my friends give me, so I opened the ones they gave me there and then. Craig had bought me some salsa from Nandos, which are two of my favourite things, so that was such a perfect present. He also bought me a listography book, which was also a perfect present considering my organisation and list-making craziness. Zoe and Sally had given me some money in November to buy a concert ticket, but they also had bought me a gigantic Mike Wazowski mug!

Christmas Day was such a lovely day spent with my family. We used the morning to open all of our presents in turn, as we do every year, and then my Dad, brother and I went to the pub for a quick drink before our Christmas dinner. As always, the food was delicious, my personal favourite still being the starter - prawn cocktails, yum! Then we settled down to a family game of Monopoly (minus mum), which went on for three hours. Adam was eliminated after the first two, and despite having hotels on Park Lane and Mayfair, I still managed to lose to my Dad… bummer.

The next few days were a bit insane, as Boxing Day sales had commenced and Nottingham was out in full force! I really struggled in the sales last year, as there were just too many people and I didn't know my job well enough to know how to cope with it. Things were, thankfully, different this year, despite the same amount of people being around. For the most of it, I worked on the tills, which worked out well for me as it meant that I didn't have to face my fear of being surrounded by crowds of people. Surprisingly, it's been a fun (but oh so tiring) few days! Stressful shopping really does bring out the worst in people though, proved by a woman yelling at my assistant manager and making her cry...

After work on Boxing Day, I went out with Sophie. I've not been out in Nottingham since September, and I've not been out with Sophie since July/August time. It was really nice to get back into an old habit of drinking at hers, going round a few bars, and then going to Rock City and dancing the night away. What was even nicer was that I bumped into loads of people that I knew, which is the main reason I enjoy going out in Nottingham. The next day after work I had a good old catch up with one of my oldest friends, Hannah. We don't really talk as much as we should do anymore, but as we've both gone off to university, we thought it'd be a nice idea to see each other over Christmas. We went to Costa and had such a lovely afternoon, exchanging stories from University, discussing relationships, asking about each others' Christmases - something I really


One of my closest friends, Lizzi, has gone to Burma for the year before she goes to The University of York next September. She's been away since June/July time, and she was only back for two weeks over Christmas, so she invited all our friends to a party at hers to say hello (and goodbye!). It was such a lovely evening, seeing loads of people I haven't seen since I left college, and was even nicer that a few of us who all went to school together took it upon ourselves to sit and just chat about the last few months and what we've been doing, rather than getting drunk and literally 'partying'.

Come to think of it, it's been a very busy two weeks that I've been home! I'm off to Birmingham tomorrow to meet some girls from University, and then staying there over New Years and coming back to Nottingham on the 1st. It should be a nice few days to see those guys again, especially as we've barely spoken since departing for Christmas simply because we've all been so busy with our lives back home.

Two weeks down, two weeks to go!

Edit: I've just looked, and it took me an hour to write this and get the pictures to co-operate!

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