"You Do You"

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Over the years, it has become increasingly obvious to me that not many people actually like who they are, and are forever wishing that they could be somebody else, and I am no exception. For whatever reason, it seems to be human nature to pick out your every flaw, rather than to realise your good qualities. It's easier to think of yourself as obsessive, annoying, clingy and temperamental than to think of yourself as calm, funny, kind, and gentle.

A lot of youtubers have seemed to make a point that your only job in life is be yourself - not anybody else, just yourself, nothing else. Tyler Oakley forever says 'you do you, and i'll do me', which I could not agree more with. Jenna Marbles made a personally inspirational video entitled 'Thoughts On Being Yourself'. If you know anything about Jenna Marbles, you'll know that she's literally never serious, and so when a video comes along where you can actually take on her words and realise how moving she can actually be, it's really quite special. Not only do the 'be yourself' videos provide salvation, but the craze of 'draw your life' videos tended to always make me feel better about any problems I had going on. Everybody goes through some kind of tragedy in their life enough to make them feel broken, but most aren't publicly addressed. Jenna Marble's take on the video, particularly, made me feel a wave of emotion, purely because she's such a silly character, but she clearly has quite a sad background, but she manages to overcome it every single day to be the happy, positive person that she wants to be... (videos posted below)

When other people make sure you know that it's okay to be different, that it's okay to not follow what everyone else is doing just because, that it's okay to just be yourself, it's striking how many people it can take an effect on.

Thank you to all of the people that post words of encouragement on the internet, where most self-concious people reside behind their computer screens hating themselves. Not only to the youtubers that put a face to the name, but to all of the bloggers, all of the writers, all of the musicians and poets; to everybody that has ever cared enough to make someone feel like they're allowed to be whoever the hell they want to. We all need to know that we can be ourselves and that there is nothing wrong with that - we all need to know that we're not alone. Not now, not ever


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