What A Wonderful Life

Monday, 4 November 2013

The other day I sat and looked through every single tagged photo of myself on facebook, and I laughed for hours at the photos, the comments, and the memories. For example, there's a photo of one of oldest friends, Ellie, standing on a bin that's on top of me whilst I plank underneath it... there are photos from drunken nights out, from such memorable holidays, of my beautiful dog, my wonderful family, my skydive last year, and just of my friends and I growing up. My pinboard is now my favourite thing in my uni room.

I always complain about how unfair my life is when things don't go how I plan them to, but in reality, I couldn't have a much better life. I have so many friends who I love and who love me, I have a lovely (albeit argumentative) family, and I genuinely enjoy my life more than I usually give myself credit for.

I've had tragic things happen in my 19 years, but I need to stop focusing on the small things that make my life sad - I need to look at the bigger picture, and realise that I am a really lucky person to have such happiness and laughter in her life. 

Don't get me wrong, I will never believe that 'fair' exists, but after having awful memories from past events in my life, I still find a way to laugh and enjoy life. I'm still optimistic; I'm still a hopeless romantic after never really being that lucky in love; I'm still positive that my life will turn out happy.

We have to experience pain in order to fully understand happiness, and in the end, the feeling of knowing that you love your life is worth all the pain that the world can throw at you.

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