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Thursday, 28 November 2013

I am so so excited - my best friend, Lyndsey, is coming up to Manchester tomorrow and staying with me until Sunday! 

We have the weekend planned out - she'll arrive tomorrow whilst I'm at uni, when I get home she'll already be here, and we'll go to Sainsburys to buy as much crappy sleepover food and drink that we can carry! Then we'll just chill tomorrow; watch some films, introduce her to my flatmates, and cook fajitas! There've been two birthdays in the flat opposite this week, so they're having a party in their flat on Friday evening which Lynds and I are going to go to, but we'll probably end up just coming back to my room and watching endless films.

Saturday - Lyndsey loves the shops in Manchester, so we're going shopping! Well, I say we… SHE'S going shopping, whilst I just pick up any bits and bobs of Christmas shopping that I need to do. We'll probably go into town after lunchtime, then pop for something to eat around 5 before going to see Catching Fire (the second film in the Hunger Games trilogy) in IMAX! We've both seen the film already, and loved it, but we wanted to see it in IMAX to get the full experience!

Sadly when Sunday arrives she'll have to go home - but I'm home two weeks later so I won't be without her for too long! Plus, she's coming up to Manchester in February to see 5 Seconds of Summer and Russell Howard with me! She's applied to the University of Manchester for next September, along with four other universities, but I am praying that she picks Manchester (and gets into Manchester), because I would love her to be up here with me every day; not just the occasional weekend here and there.

I'm off to see Hudson Taylor tonight with Meg, from my flat, and then I'll be going to sleep in excitement for Lyndsey's arrival! I actually cannot wait.

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