Monday, 11 November 2013

On Friday, I travelled to Birmingham and met Lyndsey and Victoria to go and see Kodaline perform live! As I'm in Manchester at university, Victoria's in her second year at Aberystwyth University, and Lyndsey is currently still living in Nottingham, the easiest place for all of us to go to was Birmingham - we decided to meet in the middle.

Considering how long the queue was, I was really surprised to find the inside of the venue (The Institute) quite empty, and we easily managed to get to the front, where we stayed for the entire gig! The first support act was a guy called James Bay, and his voice was so beautiful and soothing. The next support act was Hudson Taylor, a band I'd heard of because of one of my flatmates, Meg, and they were every bit as amazing as she had described! But then there was the main act...

To say Kodaline aren't one of my favourite bands and they're just a band that I enjoy the music of, it was one of the best gigs I've ever been to. The leader singer, Steve Garrigan, has the most perfect voice I've ever heard. Near to the end of the concert, the four of them went upstairs in the venue and stood leaning over the balcony; just the four of them and a guitar. And Steve sang. Alone. No microphone. No music. Just him. And he is perfect.

There's something so magical about a band letting the crowd singing alone in a concert - as an audience member, it's such a breath-taking feeling to be part of, so I can't even begin to imagine how it must feel for the band themselves. One of my favourite moments of my entire life was earlier this year when I went to see The Script live, and the entire arena of 10,000 people sung the first verse of The Man Who Can't Be Moved with no music. The band didn't sing - they just let the audience sing. I swear there isn't a greater feeling...

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