Sudden Sushi Craving!

Thursday, 7 November 2013

I have just recently developed a taste for sushi, despite not liking fish! I love prawns though, strangely, and I love all of the non-fish options like duck, vegetable, chicken, etc.

I've only ever been to Yo Sushi! twice, but I loved it both times; it's so exciting watching all the different food go by on the belt and trying to figure out what everything is. Before Joe and I broke up, he came to visit me in Manchester and we spent £30 in there, just the two of us, and considering each dish we picked was £2.50 each, that's a lot of food!

I bought some vegetable sushi from Morrisons the other day, and today I picked up some duck sushi (pictured to the right), along with some prawn sushi, and ended up buying 4 packets because they were 2 for £2... someone stop me before I spend all of my money on Japanese cuisine!

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